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Vertical Village Apartments


In Prager Strasse, between Ostplatz and the already completed LKG Carré, the elongated office complex of the former building regulations office connects to the former Technical Town Hall.

For this Vertical Village project, the building will be divided into four similar parts, each with nine-storey towers and retail spaces in their collective base. After a complete gutting of the structure, 300 compact flats will be built in the attractive “quadruplets” with typical VauVau elements like efficient floor plans, upscale partial furnishings and communal areas (e.g. a gym and co-working spaces).    

The “VauVau” Concept

With the Vertical Village, the CG Group is developing an innovative concept for the modern interconnectedness of working, living and residing in inner city locations. Under the VauVau trademark, unused commercial property is transformed into space-optimised apartment buildings with flexible layouts and multifunctional features. Co-working and communal areas, such as the marketplace with its offerings of dining and recreation, combine the sense of community in these “stacked villages” with the contemporary needs of urban living. Optional services and an upscale partial or complete furnishing underline the attractiveness of the VauVau concept, particularly for temporary use by mobile professionals. 

Property environment
Distance to city centre: 1.0 km
Distance to railway station: 1.5 km
Distance to motorway: 9.0 km
Distance to nursery: 0.5 km
Distance to local public transport: 0.1 km
Distance to school: 0.4 km
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Janine Oldenburg
Jr. Vermietungsmanagerin Gewerbe