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historical building Berlin-Charlottenburg

Haus August Beringer

This impressive, Günderzeit-style residential and office building (historic building registry No 09096106, “Haus August Beringer“, Otto March, built in 1905-07) is situated in the best part of Charlottenburg, directly in one of Berlin’s most important shopping miles, the Wilmersdorfer Strasse, at its intersection with Bismarckstrasse.

The goal of the project are to refurbish of the building, optimising its space and usage. The façade facing the street will be renovated, and the traditional double-box windows will be completely refurbished, increasing their structural integrity. The courtyard façade has been insulated, and each apartment will have a balcony facing the courtyard with a view of the green areas of the neighbouring Carré Raimar. All residential units will be renovated according to modern standards and in line with legal requirements for the preservation of historic buildings.

The property behind Haus August Beringer, Rückerstrasse 8-12, has also been refurbished by the CG Group (see project Carré Raimar). The production building has been removed and in its place stands a charming housing complex with courtyard areas providing ample green spaces (completed in 2016). Once again, this building is experiencing an increase in attractiveness and a stabilisation of sustainable revenue generation.

Property environment
Distance to city centre: 2.0 km
Distance to railway station: 2.0 km
Distance to motorway: 1.0 km
Distance to nursery: 5.0 km
Distance to local public transport: 1.0 km
Distance to school: 1.0 km
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